What to Expect from FireCAD® 2023

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It’s time to get excited about FireCAD 2023, the upcoming standalone bundle of Autocad OEM and FireCAD from the fire alarm design experts at Cadgen. In the same way we built FireCAD to be an industry-leading fire alarm design application for users of AutoCAD OEM, our next FireCAD update was created with the emerging needs of users top of mind. 

All FireCAD users, from electrical contractors, to fire contractors, to security contractors and more, can benefit from FireCAD 2023. Here’s what to look forward to in this update. 

Cloud-Based Benefits for Multiple Users 

FireCAD 2023 is a cloud-based system that has the ability to let multiple users operate it simultaneously. That means two or more users can be in the system at the same time, without any of them needing to deactivate while they all use the product. This is outstanding when multiple team members at an organization are collaborating on fire alarm system design projects. Better collaboration means faster completion, and that’s what we hope to provide with FireCAD 2023. 

Floating Licensing for Remote Work 

In a time when many employees are shifting to remote workstations, the ability to use software from home when needed is important. We’ve responded by making FireCAD 2023 with a floating license. With the floating license, users will have the ability to close the program at the worksite, then go home and activate the license key from their home office. If the user has a separate device at each location (i.e. a work computer and a home computer), the user can activate both devices one at a time. Employers can have a pool of licenses on their company key, so that numerous employees will have the ability to work from home at the same time. It’s one more way we’re making fire alarm design with AutoCAD more efficient. 

Find Out More About FireCAD 2023 

If you already enjoy using FireCAD to complete your fire alarm design projects with ease, imagine the efficiency our next release can provide you as a FireCAD user. To learn more about FireCAD 2023, call Cadgen Software today. We look forward to assisting you. 

About Cadgen Software 

Cadgen makes using AutoCAD easier and faster with user-friendly FireCAD fire alarm design software. Our FireCAD product has saved countless contractors time on project completion, and it can do the same for you. Contact our sales department at (855) 223-4361 Ext. 1. Our knowledgeable team will be glad to answer your questions.   

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