Wirepath Labeling


Automatic Wirepath Labeling

Wirepath labels can be generated automatically and are fully customizable to optionally include dynamic properties cable label, AWG, conductors, panel, and circuit information.

  • Fully customizable labels can be formatted with dynamic properties
  • Optionally set conduit type and size and calculate conduit fill
  • Optionally display conductor count

Conduit Type & Fill Calculations

Wirepaths can simply indicate cable quantities, or can also be easily associated with a conduit type and size to also calculate a fill percentage. Conduit types and sizes can be easily assigned to any selection of segments. Cable quantity, conductor count, and conduit fill can be shown and hidden independently of one another, depending on the project requirements.


Unparalleled Experience & Support

If you are a small business owner and also serve as your own CAD operator, rest assured that there are many online resources available and extensive help in getting familiar with the base platform drawing features and commands, and we include 6 months of remote technical support in each license.

Encrypted Security

The team behind FireCAD™ has a collective 70 years of exclusive experience in the Fire industry, and this experience is what makes our products surpass the competition.  Our software offers the highest level of security and encryption possible.

Knowlege Base

Our experience with cloud computing platforms such as Microsoft Azure can help to streamline your business process and power solutions we create for you. Visit our robust support channel for product updates, knowledge base, FAQ, downloads and more.


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