The History of FireCad, Part 2

Anthony Conte

After decades of working side-by-side with his father in fire alarm design and software development, Tony Conte had a successful fire alarm design software product that helped contractors automate their projects in AutoCAD. His product, FireCAD, had numerous satisfied customers around the United States — including industry-leading names like Siemens, Johnson Controls and Honeywell. 

A New Company: Cadgen

At that point, Tony knew he had to form a new company that would enable him to distribute the FireCAD product. That new company, which would usher in a new generation of fire alarm design, would be called Cadgen. “I decided my future was selling this program and helping people use it,” Tony says. Because August had formed a fire alarm design and engineering company called Contechnical (which he still operates today), Tony’s endeavor began by selling FireCAD to his father’s existing design customers. 

Cadgen Testing Contechnical 

This partnership continues today; with the support of Contechnical, Cadgen has a built-in testing bed for every new FireCAD build that is released. This ensures that Cadgen products, like the upcoming FireCAD 2023, are market-ready by the time they are released. The end result is a bevy of satisfied customers who are gratified knowing their product has been thoroughly beta tested before they use it. That testing pays off time and time again, with clients saying they love the ease and simplicity the FireCAD fire alarm design software provides. Tony says, “Many Cadgen customers tell us that they’re saving more than half their time on drawings.” 

Filling a Need 

Cadgen fills an important need in the electrical, fire alarm and security industries by reducing time waste on the repetitive, manual tasks involved with creating fire alarm design drawings. Even amid the 2008 market downturn and the strains of COVID-19, Cadgen continued to thrive because of the high demand in the marketplace. “When companies move out, their systems still require maintenance in those buildings,” he says. “When they allow employees to shift to remote work, they need to purchase more licenses. We accommodate all those requests.” 

Learn More About FireCAD 

AutoCAD remains the industry standard for fire alarm design, and Cadgen can make using AutoCAD easier and faster with user-friendly FireCAD fire alarm design software. It has saved countless contractors time on project completion, and it can do the same for you. To learn more, contact our sales department at (855) 223-4361 Ext. 1. Our knowledgeable team will be glad to answer your questions.   

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