Who is a FireCAD User?

Who is a FireCad user?
Anthony Conte

FireCAD is a product that has met the needs of AutoCAD users throughout the United States. Who are these users, and why should they consider using FireCAD to automate their fire alarm design projects in AutoCAD? Here are some facts about FireCAD users.

They’re typically licensed contractors.

Our most common users are licensed contractors in specific skilled trades, including electrical contractors, fire contractors, and security contractors. They may be expanding into installing security systems and access control systems, and are already familiar with fire alarm systems. Or, they’re required to provide low voltage wiring in a commercial building, and they know a CAD drawing is needed for the project. FireCAD can simplify and streamline the CAD process reducing design time up to 50% for these licensed contractors.

They may be new to fire alarm design.

Sometimes, our users are contractors who have good fire alarm installation experience — and now, they’re slowly expanding into fire alarm design. Other times, they may be contractors who want to get away from installation altogether, as a way to set them up for retirement by designing fire alarms without the labor intensivity that’s involved. Either way, FireCAD can help them gain confidence as they get started. Often, new clients only commit one month at a time as they find their footing in fire alarm design. Our model is ideal for those kinds of goals. It’s also perfect for companies who only provide fire alarm design. They can complete their projects more quickly because of the time saved by FireCAD.

They know what’s required of them.

Normally, contractors looking to expand into fire alarm design know what they’re getting into. They know they’ll be required to create detailed drawings of everything, from the placement of the various sensors, strobes, and horns, to the circuits that connect all those components — and it all needs to be carefully documented.

FireCAD can help them do it, by removing the manual, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks of fire alarm design.

FireCAD is the product that’s revolutionizing fire alarm design. If you’d like to become a FireCAD user, call Cadgen Software today. We look forward to answering your questions.

About Cadgen Software

Cadgen makes using AutoCAD for drawings easier and faster with user-friendly FireCAD fire alarm design software. Our FireCAD product has saved countless contractors time on project completion, and it can do the same for you. Contact our sales department at (855) 223-4361 Ext. 1. Our knowledgeable team will be glad to answer your questions.

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