3 Reasons to Try FireCAD® This Year

3 Reasons to Try FireCAD® This Year
Anthony Conte
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If your firm is ready for a new fire alarm design program, there are many options to choose from. However, there are some key reasons to make FireCAD™ by CadGen Software your first choice. Here are the primary reasons to consider FireCAD™ first. 

We know fire alarm design. 

In addition to the engineers and CAD designers who know what it takes to create quality design software, FireCAD™ was designed by fire industry professionals. They know what it takes to create effective, AHJ compliant fire protection devices for buildings of all use occupancy types, from educational, to correctional, to incidental. If your firm wants the best fire alarm design program to create high caliber work, you want technology that is designed by experienced leaders in the fire protection industry. That’s what FireCAD™ offers. 

We don’t reinvent the wheel. 

Many technologies claim to be disruptors, but they often stray too far away from the original product models in their industries. At CadGen Software, we figured out how to upset the apple cart without reinventing the wheel. That’s how our premier fire alarm design product, FireCAD™, was born.

It’s derived from an industry standard platform that most fire alarm design professionals are already using, with all the robust DWG® platform features your designers already know.

In fact, most AutoCAD® users intuitively adapt to FireCAD™ on first use. It gives fire alarm designers maximum efficiency without forcing them to learn a new program model.  

We give you flexibility. 

If your firm is looking for paramount profitability this year, migrating your fire alarm design program to FireCAD™ can support this goal. At Cadgen Software, we have flexible, budget-friendly subscription pricing that can put the fire alarm design portion of your business on the right track. Our annual purchase subscription gives you access to FireCAD™, plus an orientation training session at the start of your subscription and unlimited support appointments. If a monthly recurring subscription would be a better fit, we offer that as well a one-time, 30-day subscription if more appropriate choice for your project. If your preference is a Lifetime license, that option is also available. Review our current pricing and the many flexible options we offer.

Call CadGen to Learn More 

If your firm needs a fire alarm design software that can simplify the process of creating a complex fire alarm system, contact CadGen Software to discuss your needs and how FireCAD™ can help. Our sales department can be reached at (855) 206-1480 Ext. 1.

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