The Essential Features of FireCAD™, Part 2

The Essential Features of FireCAD™, Part 2
Anthony Conte
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FireCAD is an incredible AutoCAD alternative for fire alarm designers who know the shortcomings of traditional CAD automation tools. There are some critical essentials to the FireCAD tool, like a Device Palette that provides a searchable list of all the devices in your project and a Connection Palette that acts as a control center for connecting those devices. Fortunately, the essential features of FireCAD don’t end there. Here are two more major features of our fire alarm design tool.

Automatic Wirepath Labeling

Any given fire alarm project can have dozens of wirepaths, which makes labeling them a critical need. In FireCAD, there is the ability to 1) automatically generate your own wirepath labels, and 2) customize them to indicate their dynamic properties — from cables, to conduit type/size/fill, to conductor count, to panel and circuit information. You’ll also have the ability to label each wirepath by its American Wire Gauge (AWG) diameter size. Because of automatic wirepath labeling, the installers and technicians who engage with your project in the future will be free from guesswork about its wirepath properties.

Easier Riser Generation

Fire alarm system riser diagrams are a critical and time consuming requirement of every design. Oftentimes, creating a usable accurate riser diagram manually can take almost as much time as the floorplan layout; with FireCAD, it becomes much simpler. We have equipped FireCAD with advanced algorithms you can use to lay out devices and get the right riser for your project. You’ll be able to assign riser levels and columns on select riser styles — and once you determine the riser settings, they can be saved in your project settings so you’ll have a template for the future.

These are two more of the essential features of FireCAD, a fire alarm design tool for today’s fire suppression specialists. To learn more, request a demo from Cadgen now. We look forward to showing you the exciting features of the FireCAD tool.

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Cadgen makes using AutoCAD easier and faster with user-friendly FireCAD fire alarm design software. Our FireCAD product has saved countless contractors time on project completion, and it can do the same for you. Contact our sales department at (855) 223-4361 Ext. 1. Our knowledgeable team will be glad to answer your questions.

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