The Importance of Fire Alarm Design in Healthcare Facilities

Anthony Conte

It should go without saying that fire alarm performance is critical in the healthcare sector. Because licensed medical facilities are responsible for the well-being of patients who are in a variety of health conditions, these properties are extremely vulnerable to emergencies ranging from fires, to environmental catastrophes, to active shooter events. It is incumbent upon fire alarm designers to create systems that provide healthcare facilities with powerful protection. 

Data on Healthcare Facility Fires 

According to the most recently available statistics from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), U.S. fire departments receive reports of approximately 5,800 healthcare facility fires every year. According to the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS), an average of $13,360 in losses are incurred for every medical facility fire. 

Types Healthcare Facility Fires

According to FEMA data, the majority of healthcare facility fires (48%) happen in nursing homes, where patients typically live onsite for months or even years at a time. 18% of healthcare fires happen at facilities categorized as “other,” which may cover clinics and other types of medical offices. Following that, 17% of healthcare facility fires are in hospitals, which service the general public and patients of all ages. After that, 15% of healthcare facility fires happen at intellectual disability care facilities.     

Improving Fire Alarm Design in Healthcare Facilities

Not only do medical facilities use fire alarms to alert occupants of fires and automatically contact fire authorities for help; they also use them as public address systems for non-fire emergencies that involve environmental catastrophes or acts of violence. The stakes are high for improving fire alarm design in healthcare facilities, and that’s why those who provide fire alarm design for the medical field need the best tools at their disposal. That’s where FireCAD® comes in. FireCAD® can support every aspect of fire alarm design for healthcare facilities. Everyone from architects, to engineers, to contractors have found it to be a valuable tool to improve efficiency. To learn more about the FireCAD® fire alarm design software tool, contact us now. 

About Cadgen Software 

Cadgen makes using AutoCAD easier and faster with user-friendly FireCAD fire alarm design software. Our FireCAD product has saved countless contractors time on project completion, and it can do the same for you. Contact our sales department at (855) 206-1480 Ext. 1. Our knowledgeable team will be glad to answer your questions.   

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